In the Spirit of Valentine’s Day


Doug & I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but in the spirit, I’ll share a little somethin’, somethin’.

I moved here when I was basically twenty  years old…it was still winter. I’d just freed myself from a COMPLETELY unhealthy relationship & moving away was the only way I knew I’d truly get away from him.

I was in a new place, knew no one, & was petrified of men all together.

That summer, I started my job at a doctor’s office right down the road from my house & that is where I met my future mother-in-law. 💖

I went out on a couple of completely pointless dates with guys who weren’t worth much. I was seriously considering going a convent until I really paid attention to photos hanging on my future mother-in-law’s office walls.

I saw a picture of Doug & said, “Ms. Kathleen, I’m going to marry your son.” She said, “Okay!”

At the time, Doug worked ten hour shifts Monday through Thursday & one Friday he came in to take his mom out to lunch. That’s where it all began!

After being introduced by my now mama, me running scared at first, Doug waiting patiently, & me realizing I was a moron…here we are. Happily married (nine years this year)!

I love him more than anything. He is my reason for everything. He makes my heart beat. He keeps be steady in the middle of chaos. He is my calm during all storms. He’s my compass because I’d be so lost without him AND his family. They’re all amazing. I’m so blessed & thankful for God crossing the paths He did. 💖


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