From Tomboy to Girly Girl


Many people disbelieve me when I say, I used to be the biggest tomboy when I was younger. I didnt really like all the girly stuff until puberty, honestly.

I played baseball with the boys. When we finally moved into our first house & out of the townhouses, I tossed the boy across the street down my front yard hill the first time I met him…haha! Just an FYI, he became my first boyfriend in the eighth grade. 😉

I wanted nothing to do with coloring my hair, painting my nails, wearing makeup…nothing. But puberty & my mother becoming a cosmologist both kind of happened at the same time & I went from one extreme to the next over night! I didn’t slowly phase from one to the other like a lot of girls do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of getting dirty! I just don’t view it the same as I one did.

When I was thirteen, I started working in the hair salons my mother did. I worked there from thirteen until eighteen. Because of doing so, even though I was just a “shampoo girl,” I learned so much & I’m thankful for all of the attention I paid, because now, I do it all for myself.

I do not choose to be part of my mother’s shenanigans any longer, so it’s a good thing I’ve been doing it on my own for years.

Here recently though, I’ve definitely been stepping up my makeup game. It’s so much fun & rather relaxing. However, two things have always remained the same. My lashes & lips.

I am constantly being asked if I wear false lashes, what mascara I use, what lipstick do I use, & I’m asked if I wear contacts.

I have never worn contacts. I don’t wear glasses. I have great eyesight! My blue eyes come from my mother’s side. They’re reflective & rarely look the same twice, so I totally get why people think I do. I take zero offense!

I’ve also never worn false lashes-ever. They honestly scare the junk out of me along with eyelash curlers! My eyelashes are naturally light & the tips are so super light blonde, you can barely see them. They’re also very long (I got them from my daddy) & I wear the same mascara now that I wore in high school! CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash. I do NOT wear waterproof mascara-I hate the stuff


My lips. I rarely wear lipstick. It’s not my thing & I have a hard time finding colors I think look good on me. I’m so ridiculously pale, but have pink undertones. It’s just hard. I use good old fashioned cherry Chapstick. Also, my husband hates lipstick, haha! He’s not trying to kiss me & get crazy color lips himself.

Here is a picture of me today. Unedited & no filter. All I did was adjust the lining because my camera aim was way out of whack & added my name. I LOOK tan, but trust me, it’s only due to the lighting! I’m pasty, pasty! I’m what I like to call, translucent. 😜


I’m by NO means a makeup guru or professional, but I’m happy to share any tips I can if anyone would like them! 💋

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