Animal Spirit


I was born in March 13th. I’m a wolf.

WOLF (FEB 20 – MARCH 19)

The complex, mysterious wolf likes to sit back and watch the world around them, simply observing and taking notes. They can be hard to get close to, as they tend to hide their emotions and only show people certain parts of themselves that they feel comfortable with. Highly creative, intelligent, and artistic, the wolf spends much time in solitude, perfecting his craft. This is where the phrase “lone wolf” comes from, as they are fiercely independent


For the most part, I agree. I love alone time, which I guess is a really good thing since I’m alone ALL THE TIME. I’m definitely complex. Mysterious? Kind of? I’m an open book in many aspects though!

My husband, Doug, was born on February 2nd. He is an otter.

OTTER (JAN 20 – FEB 19)

Otters have a spunky, eccentric personality. On the other hand, they also excel at solving problems, and will never give up until they have an answer. Many people find them hard to read, but this doesn’t bother the otter. They see the world through a unique lens, and don’t care what anyone else thinks about them. Otters constantly crave freedom and adventure, but have a more gentle, empathetic side as well.


Again, mostly agree. He’s not eccentric. He is hard to read by many for sure. He doesn’t care what others think & hee completely content!


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