History’s Impact


Ever since I was a “pre-teen” & read “The Diary of Anne Frank,” for the first time, a HUGE chunk of my heart has been captivated. It’s been captivated by her, by the horrific events that took place during WWII & The Holocaust.


I’ve read countless books, autobiographies, historical information, visited museums, watched documentaries…and I still can’t fathom any of the chaos.

I don’t understand & I very highly doubt I ever will, but I’m my father’s daughter (hands down!) & history is so important to me. I want to know as much as possible. I will continue searching & learning. Most people roll their eyes when it comes to history, but I’m like a puppy who hears a dog whistle – my ears perk up & my eyes widen.

History IS important! If we don’t know what happened previously & try our hardest to make sense of it, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

When something tugs at your heart the way The Holocaust, WWII & Anne Frank have tugged at mine, it means you should look into it. It’s tugging for a reason. I haven’t discovered the reason my tug-of-war yet, but I won’t stop.

My family ancestry consists of  Scottish, Irish, Polish & German decent. So there is definitely some contradiction in there. I want to know about my ancestors. I started with my mom’s side, which is INCREDIBLY Polish & found that her mom lived in a tiny house in Pennsylvania with loads of relatives & spoke Polish during her childhood. The Depression was VERY hard on everyone & that was here in America. I have no idea what happened to our family back in Poland!

Who knows what else has happened within my family?

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