Love in Puzzle Pieces


Repost-Original post date: 11/22/2015


Something told me to revisit this post. A lot of my #Creative juices flowing today, I think, are #Because I’ve been thinking a lot about people in my life who I love(d) today. I’m not sure why. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind it all is. I’m not sure what #God is trying to tell me. I pray that nothing bad happens to a #Piece of my #Puzzle I gave away. Am I suppose to be giving another piece away now? Is someone going to give me a piece of theirs? Lord, please help me…guide me. Use me as You need me.


Love In Puzzle Pieces 💙💚💜

I think #Love is a like big puzzle & when we’re born, we have the entire puzzle with us & it’s exquisite! It’s a puzzle of love-true & #Beautiful love. As we go through life, parts of our puzzle are either given away or taken away, because we choose to love or we fall in love. Either way, pieces are removed for one reason or another. When the pieces go, were not suppose to expect them back.

For example, your first love. If things don’t work out & you’re no longer together, you spend so much time & energy trying to “pick up the pieces” & make everything okay again, but you’ll never fully recover (aka forget) because that puzzle piece is being held by that person & again, we don’t get them back. So you’ll never be exactly the same as you were before that person.

Say a loved one passes away. They have a piece of your puzzle & take it with them. You’ll never be the same.

However, just because our puzzle is forever changed & missing crucial pieces, doesn’t mean that we a broken or forever damaged. It means we have to adjust. The puzzle is still magnificent…it’s just different. To view the puzzle as a whole again, we have to remember those we love/loved.

When it’s my time to leave this physical earth, I hope my entire puzzle is gone & no remaining pieces linger. I hope I come across a world full of #Amazing love & my pieces are happily held by others. That would be perfect.



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