13 Things to Off-load From Your Life Right Now


13 Things to Off-load From Your Life Right Now
By Kimberly Bonnell & Pamela Redmond Satran

1. Your “friend.” Right, the one you describe work air quotes.
2. Fear – unless you’re right this minute sticking your head in the mouth of a tiger.
3. Your certainty that you could never, ever fall for a guy who’s divorced. Or short. Or into magic tricks. Love doesn’t work like that!
4. Your case of Imposter Syndrome. Don’t the promotions kind of prove you’re the real deal?
5. Half of whatever’s in that junk drawer.
6.the expectation that you’ll ever read War and Peace, given how compelling Snapchats you have to get through everyday.
7. Your bra, within 53 seconds of unlocking your door.
8. Got over ancient stuff, like the time you broke the helmet of your sister’s Astronaut Barbie.
9. Taking oils, accelerators – anything with less than SPF30.
10. Years of seething envy of that summer intern whose suck-up skills got her the paying job.
11. Your phone, laptop, iPad – basically all screens – one hour before bedtime. You’ll thank us later.
12. Going on and on about how at 26, you’re “so old.”
13. Whatever’s standing between you and your highest opinion of yourself.


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