Marriage Battles


I’m referring to “battles” loosely!

Okay, Doug likes certain things one way & I like them a different way. Now, we could be cray-cray & fight over nothing, but instead, we make it a game!

Examples: He likes the paper towels to roll one way & I like them the other way. It’s the same with toilet paper. Hey… keeping it real! Instead of fighting over something so small & insignificant, we just change it to how we like it! Naturally, we come back to find that the other one has changed it again, haha, so it becomes a FUN battle!

The shower head. I’m super short with some super funky hair. I need the strongest water pressure which means I need the shower head facing straight down (as much possible). Doug is eight inches taller than I am. He can’t even fot under it when I adjust it. 🙈

The bedroom fan. I HAVE to have air moving. I can’t do stale air. Doug doesn’t like the fan on because he gets cold. I’m in menopause (not really) & have been since steroids. My inner thermometer is ALL messed up & I hate heat even more than I did before steroids & let me tell you, it’s been a FIERCE hatred! He turns it off thinking I wouldn’t notice just so I can turn it back on!

Volume. I am very OCD about numbers. I don’t like even numbers. I don’t know why, but it is what it is. He’ll purposely change the volume number on the T.V. just to mess with me!

Letters. I painted a “K” & a “D,” & they sit in the kitchen window. I like them in the order with the K first, duh! Doug will switch them when I’m not looking just to have me switch them back!

The last word. Oh my goodness, ah! LOL Each of us keep going until the other gives up! It can be as silly as, “the sky blue.”
“Not uh. It’s periwinkle.”
“It’s Robin’s Egg blue.”

And on & on & on!

These are just a few examples. But for real, marriage doesn’t have to be hard. We do everything to make it fun! 😘


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