Animal Spirit


I was born in March 13th. I’m a wolf.

WOLF (FEB 20 – MARCH 19)

The complex, mysterious wolf likes to sit back and watch the world around them, simply observing and taking notes. They can be hard to get close to, as they tend to hide their emotions and only show people certain parts of themselves that they feel comfortable with. Highly creative, intelligent, and artistic, the wolf spends much time in solitude, perfecting his craft. This is where the phrase “lone wolf” comes from, as they are fiercely independent


For the most part, I agree. I love alone time, which I guess is a really good thing since I’m alone ALL THE TIME. I’m definitely complex. Mysterious? Kind of? I’m an open book in many aspects though!

My husband, Doug, was born on February 2nd. He is an otter.

OTTER (JAN 20 – FEB 19)

Otters have a spunky, eccentric personality. On the other hand, they also excel at solving problems, and will never give up until they have an answer. Many people find them hard to read, but this doesn’t bother the otter. They see the world through a unique lens, and don’t care what anyone else thinks about them. Otters constantly crave freedom and adventure, but have a more gentle, empathetic side as well.


Again, mostly agree. He’s not eccentric. He is hard to read by many for sure. He doesn’t care what others think & hee completely content!


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Going Solo


I don’t remember what going to the restroom alone was like…it’s been so long 🙈🐾❤


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One of My Reasons


My big ol baby, Mojo
Seriously, he makes me #FightForIt & he makes me search for the #SilverLining in everything.

For those who can’t have human children, so they love on their animal children like I do, totally get it. They make everyday worth the struggles.

I didn’t save him. He saved me.


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My Children


My dogs mean everything to me. They’re my children. Each has their own unique personality & they fill my heart with so much love.

Cordy, my oldest, is a chow/lab mix. She’s amazing. She’s got a solid, copper-colored coat & honey-colored eyes. She turned mine years old this year & though she’s getting older, she is still so spunky! She’s incredibly motherly. She thinks every living creature is get puppy (including me!) & is so low maintenance it’s unbelievable. She was rescued by a couple (along with Cordy’s brother & sister) from a dumpster where some pathetic excuse of a person dumped them off in. Doug surprised me with her. She’s my baby girl & such a huge part of our lives.

Mojo, my youngest (but biggest), is a pitbull/lab mix. He’s brindle in coloring with petty brown eyes. He turned five years old this year & has crazy energy! He’s a ham. He’s such s love bug & clumsy, goofball. He’s kind of high maintenance. He craves attention & loves to play. He’s sweetie, but protects his mama. ♡ Doug’s friend’s pit had puppies & couldn’t keep them all so he gave us one. Mojo has been my sidekick since day one. During recovery time after my surgeries, we napped on the floor together. He’s my punkin’. My boo-boo. He came into my life at a very intense & vulnerable time. He is a blessing in more ways than I know how to explain.

Pip, my middle child, was originally was brother’s dog. He’s a yorkie/maltese/bischon mix & he’s seven years old. Unfortunately, my brother had been through the ringer & couldn’t care for Pip like Pip needs/deserves. He was in a cage at my grandma’s house in Pennsylvania anywhere from 8-12 hours a day. I couldn’t handle knowing this, so arrangements were made inn order for me to take over his care until my brother was back on his feet. Well, when we got Pip, he began to thrive. He’s never in a crate now, ever. He has two BFF with the other two dogs & his separation anxiety started to ease up. Bringing Pip here has changed him for the better. So it was decided that we would keep him
Pip is super playful, smart, & loving. He’s a cuddler! He has been such a blessing in a disguise!


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Twenty Randoms


February 20, 2017

Twenty Randoms

1. I haven’t always had a relationship with God. But now, He & I are BFF.
2. There is no such thing as too much lemon.
3. I have NEVER worn contacts OR fake eyelashes!
4. I’m severely challenged regarding directions. I always figure north is relative to which way I’m facing…😂🙈
5. I don’t like comic books, but I like the movies based off of them.
6. I still find making houses out of big cardboard boxes fun.
7. I can always find a reference to “Harry Potter,” &/or “Jersey Shore.”
8. I have enough socks for a small country.
9. I’ve never had the chicken pox.
10. “Chrisley Knows Best,” ALWAYS cracks me up!
11. I used to be addicted to salt & fruit snacks. Kicked the habits though.
12. I think golf has got to be THE MOST BORING “sport,” ever. EVER.
13. <— My favorite number! I don’t believe in superstitions.
14. Onion rings are the perfect canvas for ketchup.
15. I always need craft materials. I can’t get enough.
16. The fact that I am not “allowed” the even TRY to have children hurts like WHOA even though I try to laugh it off. I’ve never really WANTED children, but not having the option hurts. I should be able to choose.
17. I miss eating spicy hot stuff SO BADLY.
18. I have dozens of tubes of Chapstick.
19. I love candles.
20. Silver linings of procedures…anesthesia. I LOVE being knocked out, honestly. 😂

Let’s Be Friends


Are you black? Cool! Let’s be friends!
Are you white? Cool! Let’s be friends!
Are you Christian? Cool! Let’s be friends!
Are you Buddhist? Cool! Let’s be friends!
Are you a complete moron who judges others, hates, causes drama for no reason, & abuses people &/or animals? FORGET YOU.
Otherwise, let’s be friends! 💖

I don’t care what color your skin is. We ALL bleed red. Your religion is yours as mine is mine. I just want happiness & love. Yes, I sound like a hippie & that’s okay with me. With all of the junk we each deal with on a daily basis, we don’t have the time or energy for hate. Tomorrow is not promised & I might die in the next five minutes. With that in mind, I’m determined to be the best person I can be & HAPPY.

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First Born


My first born. The creature that has & continues to fill our hearts with so much love & laughter is about to turn NINE YEARS OLD! 💙
Doug surprised me with her in 2008. I remember it PERFECTLY. I was at my computer taking an online test for college & Doug just got home from running errands. He was desperately trying to get me to turn around & look at him, but I was “in the zone.” When he finally caught my attention & told me turn around, I saw him holding the most adorable, small, copper colored fluff ball! I remember dropping my books, my pencil & my jaw!

D: “It’s a puppy…?”
K: “Oh my gosh! Can we keep it?!”
D: “No. I just brought her home to torture you. Yes, she is ours.”
K: “OH. MY. GOSH!” Love. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. Naming her was pretty easy too. She looked exactly like the corduroy bear from the children’s books. “Corduroy,” was a little much, so I shortened it to “Cordy.” She is precious. She is so smart, loving, & motherly. She’s the most easygoing dog EVER & does her thing. She thinks the other dogs & cats are her puppies. Heck, she thinks I AM her puppy! When she wants love, she comes & let’s you know. When she is done, she finds a spot to park it on the floor.

She’s HILARIOUS! She climbed up Doug’s mom’s end table & took a nap. When we would go to my parent’s house, we brought a rawhide with us & she would go upstairs to hide it in my mom’s bedroom throw pillows! 😂 Doug found a rawhide in his luggage on our honeymoon! Every-single-time I come home from the hospital, she is so gentle while checking me out to make sure I’m okay. When I’m feeling super ill, she stays close. She loves to do tricks for treats & is kind of a show off. She’s alpha & keeps the other two in check. She greets you at the door ready to love you.

She is amazing & these past nine years have been beautiful! She had BETTER stick around for a good long time still! She’s part of my heart. ❤🐾


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