Authentic Self


Unfortunately when other people are miserable, their main goal is to make everybody else miserable. It’s like a sickness. It becomes a disease.

We’re all human and we all have things to deal with. There’s no sense in trying to bring other people down just because you yourself are down.

Instead, why not look for those who are happy and positive and try to have a little bit of that rub off onto you.

Personally, when I’m down, I try to find some uplifting people and messages that I can apply and try to boost my life up! Being sad and miserable is not living, it’s not fun and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else no matter how poorly I feel.

“Because messed up people try to MESS you up.”

In the middle of all the chaos, remember that how someone else treats you doesn’t determine YOUR value. What they say or do doesn’t lessen who you are. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone and you don’t have to impress anyone. Just be who your authentic self. Be who God made you to be.


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