I have a lot of medical issues to deal with on a daily basis. It’s EXHAUSTING, time consuming, expensive, etc.. I could EASILY become defeated. I could easily crawl into the fetal position, cry my eyes out, blame everyone and everything for all of my problems, hate the universe, wish for time to fly by, and literally waste my life away. But what would that accomplish? Absolutely nothing.
We can choose how we spend our time and energy. Instead of becoming defeated, I am going to defeat any and all obstacles I come across. Instead of crying my eyes out, I want to smile and laugh at as much as I can. Why would I blame my problems in everyone else? It’s not their fault! Why hate the universe? It’s beautiful. I’m not going to wish time away. We only get so much and I am going to spend it wisely. I REFUSE to waste my life away. It’s precious and fragile and we temporary. I want to enjoy my life as much as possible. I don’t rant to take ANYTHING for granted.
Take the negatives and flip them.
Because of all I have endured, been through, and countine to deal with, I now know just how strong I am. Because my faith has been tested so much, it is stronger than ever. I have been able to help A LOT of people through my personal experiences.
I KNOW God has amazing plans for me! ♡


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