Backward to Forward


When you stop and truly think about things, life is very much so like a game of soccer or hockey.


It’s like a bow and arrow.


Sometimes, you have got to go backwards a little to regain focus, come up with a new plan and then move forward to attack situations head first.

Switching careers is a great example. You may dislike your job so much that when weighing the options (the pros and cons) of each career, you might have to take a step back financially to move into a job you like. But hey, there are usually possibilities to advance and your happy factor will be greater!

Unfortunately, I was fired from my last job due to chronic illnesses and that sent me FLYING backwards! It was horrible. But when I think about things and look at today versus where I was when I was fired, I’m in a better place all around.

I have so much going on in my life and taking care of myself is a fulltime job…seriously. It’s a FULLTIME job! If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I’m constantly feeling horrendous. I’m constantly going to doctor appointments and as I’ve mentioned before, my body doesn’t care what I want. It doesn’t whatever it wants to, whenever it wants to.

Being thrown backwards due to being fired (by the way, I’ve never been fired from ANYTHING in my life up until that point) has given me time to truly prioritize when it comes to my health and caring for myself. It was a blessing in disguise. Now, I’m broke because I have no income, but I can now truly do what’s best for myself. Me caring for myself is also a great relief to my husband. He loves me, cares and worries. He still does these things, but he is a little more at ease knowing I am home. God works in mysterious ways!

So, in conclusion sometimes what we may think is a bad thing is actually something good temporarily disguised.


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