Knowing the Difference


This is so incredibly true.

Finding & knowing the difference is more difficult than I could possibly put into words, especially when you realize that those people who need to be cut off are part of your family.

At first, you think it’s about being patient & you give it time. You get hurt, you stay & give it more time. You hurt some more, you continue to stay & let more time pass.

When it gets to the point of cutting people off, it’s HARD. You don’t WANT to, but it truly NEEDS to be done. Sometimes it takes multiple tries, but continuing to try is so important.

I’ve recently cut the cord between myself & family & I won’t lie, it’s terrible. I think of it daily, I hate the entire situation & it hurts more than I ever knew imaginable.

Do I regret the cut? No. That doesn’t mean I won’t think about it & that doesn’t mean I don’t care. But caring too much was a gigantic problem for me.

Do what you have to for your health. Do what is best for yourself in the long run.

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