Strength in Pain


This popped up in my Facebook memories from last year.


Good morning beautiful world!
Things have gotten a bit worse for me (I’ll spare you the details) & last night I posted that prayers would be appreciated. I woke up this morning to prayers, positive thoughts, the kindest messages & I am so incredibly grateful!
I’ve been open about a lot of what I go through (some things I choose to keep more private, but there are additional issues I haven’t even mentioned-unfortunately) in hopes of being able to help inspire someone else who is going through rough health issues as well.
I receive a lot of messages from others saying that I do exactly that & THAT means more than I can possibly express! Everyday is a struggle & my life seems like a BATTLE most of the time. But with God’s love & the amazing support I have been blessed with, I know that when I “Fight For It,” it’s NEVER a lost cause! Those beautiful “Silver Linings” are everywhere & the wonderful messages I receive are perfect examples.
Thank you SO MUCH everyone for the love, support, & encouragement. You keep me going & remind me that even if I may FEEL alone sometimes, I never am. Blessings & love to everyone! 💜👐

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