It’s Been a Minute


So much has been going on & continues to persist.

I had a week full of appointments, loads of tests done, a pneumonia vaccine from Hades, & my entire body is EXHAUSTED!

Despite the craziness, I’ve seen positive signs. At each doctors appointment, my blood pressure had been on point. I can’t even remember the last time my blood pressure has been good.

My primary doctor is amazing. She knows absolutely EVERYTHING about me. She knows about my insane “family,” & wishes she could change them for me.

Regardless, since distancing myself & I mean TRULY distancing myself, only good things have come from it. My blood pressure is one of many examples.


I’m less stressed in reference to my DNA family because to me, they no longer exist. I’ve freed myself from the toxins & it’s been difficult, but it’s been a blessing for sure.

My husband is my best friend & amazing! He is my strength, my reason, my love, my why, my solid & steady. He has my back in anything & everything. I’m so blessed to have him. Surviving this chaos would be impossible without him.

I’m fighting through the madness because that is what I do!


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