To say that this past week has rocked my world would be a vast understatement.

I received a phone call from someone I’ve adored, respected, & admired my entire life that turned into something I NEVER thought would happen. It was HELLACIOUS…to say the least.

At first, I was simply confused. But the more time I’ve had to sit here with this phone call repeating in my head, the worse things get. I see things clearer & clearer with every passing hour.

I was GREATLY disrespected. I was accused of falsehoods. I was belittled. I was laughed at. I was yelled at.

I had to speak to this person in a way I NEVER in a million years thought I’d ever do.

No one is responsible for my actions but myself. No one will yell at me like a child, NO ONE. I’m grown. No one will laugh at me while I’m in tears & think it’s okay.

And don’t EVER come at me thinking you’re gong to fight another person’s battle. All that came from that was me losing respect for both people involved & now, I don’t have a problem with just one person. I have problems with multiple people.

I won’t be broken down. I won’t be bullied. I’ll say goodbye forever before that happens.

There’s no coming back from the things I heard & the horrendous effects that situation took on my body.

Trust this though, it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. You thought you could break me down but I’m rising like the skyscrapers.

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