1. I like the poop emoji.
  2. I’m scared of ants, birds, clowns and feet.
  3. I don’t like the crazy sunglasses that cover half of your face.
  4. I am incapable of focusing on one thing at a time.
  5. I’m getting more into makeup as I get older. Who knows? Maybe it’s because I’m too exhausted for anything else?
  6. I’m obsessed with sock monkeys.
  7. I’m so over Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, it’s absolutely ridiculous.
  8. I wear my combat boots more than any other shoes I have.
  9. I keep debating on whether or not I should het a tattoo.
  10. I hate when people say, “If I can do it, you can too!”
  11. I hate that I was one of those people who said that because it’s not true.
  12. If I could, I would live in Target.
  13. I love playing my Nintendo DS.
  14. Tylenol is a joke.
  15. I am incredibly excited that my sister-in-law moved back home!
  16. I miss the old Kerry.
  17. People and StyleWatch magazines are a must!
  18. Doug and I do crosswords together sometimes and I love it.
  19. I miss working more than I can say.
  20. I don’t like skull icons.
  21. Mannequins severely creep me out.
  22. I miss wearing heels. I’m short!
  23. I like to fall asleep with a familiar movie playing in the background.
  24. I dislike the words “panties,” and “moist.” They’re disgusting.
  25. I need to read the Bible the entire wat through.
  26. When I need cough drops, I like the lemon honey ones by Halls.
  27. A lot of the time, I care way too much.
  28. I’m officially one of those people who is on their cell phone way too much.
  29. I have a list of crafts I want to do, but haven’t had the energy to do them.
  30. I can watch a series repeatedly if it’s good.
  31. Depression and anxiety suck.

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