Massachusetts-Day Four


Oh my wow! We went full on.
We got up super early, got breakfast, headed back to the room to get myself straight after eating & then made or way to Salem.

First challenge, parking. Ai, yi, yi! After finding a place, we headed to the mall area for some much needed H2O. Then it was off to the Witch Trials Museum. Pretty interesting! After that, we headed to the Witch Dungeon Museum. This place was so incredibly educational & scared the junk out of me! I’m super afraid of mannequins. We learned how the accused witches were treated, what they experienced, the sizes of the cells in the dungeon, what happened to the prisoners that were finally freed…wow, wow, wow. I think the Dungeon Museum was both hubs & my favorite museum we visited.

The last place we went to was, The Witch House. This museum was also pretty interesting. I leaned a LOT by the ways of medicinal practices & let me just say, thank you Lord for making me wait to experience life until 1986! WOW-ZAS!

The fact that it was chilly & rainy made for a difficult day & we didn’t get to walk around & experience too much of Salem itself. Definite bummer. I’m a closeted architecture lover & I was living the buildings! Being in an old historic town like Salem made me think of Fredericksburg (where I grew up) in a good way. I LOVE older buildings.

We grabbed pizza on the way back to the hotel & chilled out. We woke up early & peaced of MA quick! No offense, but I’m thinking Massachusetts was a one & done.

I enjoyed the visit. It was educational & fun  but man-oh-man body is displeased right now & I NEVER thought I’d miss Virginia like I did!

We bounced out bright & early Friday morning to head home. I’m so happy to see my babies & to use my own toilet! Home sweet home baby!

P.S. I weighed myself before we left & worked myself when I got home & I lost ONE pound!


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