Sharing My Life


Again, I’m asked why I share so much of my personal life & how I find the guts to do it.

Why? Because there are so many people who believe they’re alone in a struggle or in multiple struggles. I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. I had nothing & no one to talk to, to listen to, to share advice with me about their journey, & much more.

I’ve been through so much & all of the things I’ve learned, seen, done…I can share that with others who don’t know. I can share that with others who are just starting to go through similar situations or those who are feeling they can finally open up & talk. I can share with those who are genuinely interested in learning like I was & still am.

Before I was sexually assaulted, I didn’t understand. Before I was in a domestically violent relationship, I had no idea. Before I got sick, I never knew what any of this madness was.

Now…I have all of this knowledge & if I can help someone else by sharing my experiences…why wouldn’t or shouldn’t I?

How do I find the guts to share? I’m a warrior. I’m a servant of God. I truly feel like me sharing my life with others is what I’m suppose to do. I’m following the path He has put before me.
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