Being An Aunt

I become an aunt officially when Doug and I got married August 2, 2008. I mean really, I was an aunt beforehand, but marriage made everything “official.”
I inherited a beautiful niece, Lexie, whom I call, “Lulu.” She has such a hold on my heart, it’s INSANE. I think it’s because I see a lot of myself in her. She is only twelve years younger than me, so she’s a young adult now. It’s so cool to witness her transformation from a little girl into a goregeous young woman. I watched her dance, she was in my wedding, she’s helped me through one of THE WORST anxiety attacks I’ve ever had… she’s a beautiful person. Because she’s nineteen years old and I am thirty-one, we have adult conversations but can still be absolutely ridiculous and laugh our booties off. It’s one of the coolest relationships I’ve been blessed with. She’s my niece, by friend, and a lot like a younger sister. I couldn’t be happier!
Her brother Jacob…this little fella is a trip! He is so funny. When I first came around, he was still crawling! He just turned eleven this year. Holy moly, where has the time gone?! He is hilarious. Watching him grow up from a baby into a kid has also been an awesome journey to witness. He was shy and timid, like most kids are and this Easter weekend (just a few weeks ago) we were throwing a baseball around in the front yard and talking about about how he can’t wait until school is over for the year and summer comes! I remember holding him as a baby on the boat at the lakehouse while he slept. I made sure to keep him out of the sun and now…he’s almost as tall as me. By this time next year, he’ll be taller than me. I just know it!
When Doug and I got married, my sister was actually pregnant with her first boy Elijah. He is eight years old now and thinks it’s pretty cool to look at our wedding photos and know that he was the big bump in his mommy’s tummy. Technically, he was part of the wedding party! He is a genius. The brains that boy possess are out of this world. He’s so smart. I’m sitting here with a college degree and feel like he has more knowledge than I do! He was probably three or four and he was telling me all about dinosaurs. He was talking about the Cretaceous period and which dinosaurs fell into that category and I’m thinking, “What?!” I don’t remember any of this! He’s eight now and into Pokemon and oh my goodness, again, I feel so dumb! He is telling me all about Pikachu and how to gain different abilities and what kinds of attacks you use and I’m thinking, “I’m a certified professional medical coder. I have a college degree. I have NO IDEA how this game works and I’m using the beginner cards…the easy ones! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” He also knows all about Star Wars and I only know about the original triology so he’s talking over my head. He looks nothing like me, haha! He looks exactly like his mom and my brother. Obviously, my siblings look alike and I don’t look like them at all. I am the milkman’s kid!
During my recovery from my first surgery, my sister-in-law had her son Gavin in 2012. He is also a trip! Oh my gosh, he looks just like his daddy. Blonde, blonde, blonde and blue eyes! He was the official beginning of my “Converse Tradition.” All new births receive baby Converse from Aunt Kerry (I got married in white hightop Chucks…it’s how I roll!)! He’s a little monkey and so much fun! I would give him anything he asked for. I could ask me for my car and I would probably just hand over the keys, lol! Talk about genuis babies! He is another one! Transformers. Oh my goodnes…I don’t understand! I was playing with the tiny plastic GI Joe dudes and pulling heads off of dolls like a weirdo. Now there are all of these high-tech toys like Transformers that bring out the inner blonde in me (I’m naturally a blonde). He so polite. “Please,” and “Thank you.” He is a snazzy dresser, loves music, and he loves Jesus. I adore him so much!
Now, about a week and a half after Gavin was born, my sister gave birth to her second boy, Maddox. I have two nephews that are the same age-literally! Maddox was so shy…I’m talking a completely different level of shy. His older brother was basically talking for him. Once he finally broke free from that shell-WHOA! He is spunky! He’s adorable and he knows it! AH! And he actually looks like me! Blonde curls and blue eyes-I can claim that one for sure! He is also incredibly polite and he likes to wrestle around. He loves animals and he is also going to be a little brainiac. He too received some Converse from Aunt Kerry and actually, when my sister was still pregnant with Maddox, I threw a tiny baby shower for her with just the immediate family. Why? Well, she had her baby shower for Elijah ON MY WEDDING DAY. Yes…that’s
a story for a whole different post. So, I had to miss her baby shower. It was one of the most hurtful things I’ve ever experienced, so I wasn’t about to let her give birth to baby number two and this girl miss out on throwing her some kind of shower! My sister was originally going to name his, “Caspian,” and thank the Lord above she changed her mind. I’m a HUGE FAN of C.S. Lewis and his amazing work, “The Chronicles of Narnia,” but really? Caspian? That poor boy would be picked on for life. I unfortuantely am not close with “my side” of the family any longer and I haven’t been able to see him grow like I have the others and it sucks. But I do know that he is an awesome kid and I love him regardless of the shenannigans of his parents and grandparents.
I’m looking forward to the future. I’m looking forward to see if I get to help welcome any new little ones into the world and greet them with some awesome baby Converse!
Being an aunt is pretty cool. I get to play, have fun, love them like crazy and then send them on home to their parents! It’s a pretty sweet deal in my eyes.
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