The Alphabet


“If plan ‘A’ didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!” Keep trying.

Well, I can tell you one thing for certain, I have been through the alphabet more than once and I’ve even tried it backwards.

Every-single-day for me is different. I never know what to expect. Making plans is one of the mostly challenging things for me because I’m so sick. However, even though I’ve tried and failed more times than I can remember, I will always keep trying.

I will always, always, alway #FightForIt and I will always, always, always find a #SilverLining in every situation. The only thing that can keep me down is gravity.

#Boom #FightForIt #SilverLining #My #Life #Love #Like #Plan #Hard #ABC #Alphabet #KeepGoing #KeepTrying #KnowYourWorth #NeverGiveUp


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