Beauty Everywhere


“If you truly love nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere.” – Van Gogh

Well said Van Gogh, but I have a slight adjustment. If you truly love LIFE, you’ll find beauty everywhere (AKA silver linings).

Finding silver linings is a daily practice & something I personally practice EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. It’s not always easy & sometimes, it seems downright impossible! However, determination is an incredibly powerful thing.

Today is a great example. I feel BLAH. But last night, I went to the movies with my handsome husband & was able to enjoy it. That’s a RARE thing these days. So my silver lining may be from yesterday, but it keeps pushing me for more.

Silver linings can be the smallest of things. Again, I feel BLAH, so my gratitude for having ginger ale readily available is INSANE! I have three dogs who adore me & even though they’re obnoxious & in my face, they know I need love.

There is beauty EVERYWHERE. Others see dandelions as weeds, but I see wishes. Others find cloudy days depressing, but I find them relaxing. Others hate the cold, but to me, it’s a chilly reminder that all seasons will come & go.  Stay strong & push through it.

Life is about attitude, perspective, reaction, & determination.

Love this fragile life & the beauty it holds all day, everyday.

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3 thoughts on “Beauty Everywhere

  1. I love it! I have made the choice to find a positive in every and all situation and to keep love in my heart always! Never thought of it as a silver lining, but I guess you are right. Some days are easier than others for real for real. But this too shall pass right? Keep em coming I love your writing style and how real you are in it all!

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