My Children


My dogs mean everything to me. They’re my children. Each has their own unique personality & they fill my heart with so much love.

Cordy, my oldest, is a chow/lab mix. She’s amazing. She’s got a solid, copper-colored coat & honey-colored eyes. She turned mine years old this year & though she’s getting older, she is still so spunky! She’s incredibly motherly. She thinks every living creature is get puppy (including me!) & is so low maintenance it’s unbelievable. She was rescued by a couple (along with Cordy’s brother & sister) from a dumpster where some pathetic excuse of a person dumped them off in. Doug surprised me with her. She’s my baby girl & such a huge part of our lives.

Mojo, my youngest (but biggest), is a pitbull/lab mix. He’s brindle in coloring with petty brown eyes. He turned five years old this year & has crazy energy! He’s a ham. He’s such s love bug & clumsy, goofball. He’s kind of high maintenance. He craves attention & loves to play. He’s sweetie, but protects his mama. ♡ Doug’s friend’s pit had puppies & couldn’t keep them all so he gave us one. Mojo has been my sidekick since day one. During recovery time after my surgeries, we napped on the floor together. He’s my punkin’. My boo-boo. He came into my life at a very intense & vulnerable time. He is a blessing in more ways than I know how to explain.

Pip, my middle child, was originally was brother’s dog. He’s a yorkie/maltese/bischon mix & he’s seven years old. Unfortunately, my brother had been through the ringer & couldn’t care for Pip like Pip needs/deserves. He was in a cage at my grandma’s house in Pennsylvania anywhere from 8-12 hours a day. I couldn’t handle knowing this, so arrangements were made inn order for me to take over his care until my brother was back on his feet. Well, when we got Pip, he began to thrive. He’s never in a crate now, ever. He has two BFF with the other two dogs & his separation anxiety started to ease up. Bringing Pip here has changed him for the better. So it was decided that we would keep him
Pip is super playful, smart, & loving. He’s a cuddler! He has been such a blessing in a disguise!


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