Hard Truth


So much of what we learn about love, is taught by people who never truly loved us.

It’s a hard truth…very hard. You can give love your all, absolutely everything you have, everything you are & realize in the end that the love you were experiencing was only one-sided.

One-sided love doesn’t work.

One-sided love with a family member is the hardest. You want so badly to have an amazing relationship with them, but you’re basically on your own.

You see or hear something that makes you think of them & it’s quickly followed by, “If I reach out, I’ll just get hurt again.” News of any kind is waiting to be shared with this person, but you can’t tell them because the conversation is so unpredictable.

You want to forgive them for SO MANY things they’ve wronged you with, but no matter what you do, it’s all burned into your brain & heart.

Letting go of a relationship, especially family, is so unbelievably difficult…they’re family. You love them, but the relationship isn’t healthy. It’s corrupt & broken.

So how do you walk away completely? Well, when I figure it out, I’ll let you know…

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