Twenty Randoms


February 20, 2017

Twenty Randoms

1. I haven’t always had a relationship with God. But now, He & I are BFF.
2. There is no such thing as too much lemon.
3. I have NEVER worn contacts OR fake eyelashes!
4. I’m severely challenged regarding directions. I always figure north is relative to which way I’m facing…😂🙈
5. I don’t like comic books, but I like the movies based off of them.
6. I still find making houses out of big cardboard boxes fun.
7. I can always find a reference to “Harry Potter,” &/or “Jersey Shore.”
8. I have enough socks for a small country.
9. I’ve never had the chicken pox.
10. “Chrisley Knows Best,” ALWAYS cracks me up!
11. I used to be addicted to salt & fruit snacks. Kicked the habits though.
12. I think golf has got to be THE MOST BORING “sport,” ever. EVER.
13. <— My favorite number! I don’t believe in superstitions.
14. Onion rings are the perfect canvas for ketchup.
15. I always need craft materials. I can’t get enough.
16. The fact that I am not “allowed” the even TRY to have children hurts like WHOA even though I try to laugh it off. I’ve never really WANTED children, but not having the option hurts. I should be able to choose.
17. I miss eating spicy hot stuff SO BADLY.
18. I have dozens of tubes of Chapstick.
19. I love candles.
20. Silver linings of procedures…anesthesia. I LOVE being knocked out, honestly. 😂


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