Lobster Tails


Steamed Lobster Tails – Nom, nom! They were DELICIOUS!

Okay, so here is what I did…

They were frozen, so naturally I had to wait for them to thaw-dur! πŸ™ˆ

I cut a straight line through the shell, down the back of the tail so the meat would pop out. This makes it much easier to to separate the meat from the shell when they’re ready to eat.

I filled the bottom of my large pot with about an inch of water & I tossed just a pinch of salt in the water as well. I brought the water to a boil & then placed my steam rack holding the tails in the pot & covered it. I had to cut the heart back so the water didn’t boil over the rack & onto the lobster tails.

They steamed for about eight minutes.

I added just a touch of Old Bay to them & had melted butter for dipping. I made steamed veggies to go with.



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