A PTSD Infected Writer


Most novelists write about the areas where they are from. They know the area, landmarks, history, weather, etc., and is the best choice. It makes the most sense.

For me, it’s a little more complicated than that. I was born and raised in the same place for twenty years. During those twenty years, so much happened (duh). Unfortunately, there seems to be more negative memories than positive ones bouncing around in my brain.

So when I sit down to write, focusing on the area I am mossy familiar with, PTSD kicks in. Not always, but it happens.

If I think about the college I was determined to go to, I smile. I’ll never go there and that goal is no longer realistic or even possible really, but it makes me happy to remember how badly I wanted to be there.

When I come think of the downtown layout in my head & pass the last building I worked in while I was there, I face demons that I’ve yet to defeat.

I have flashbacks, my anxiety heightens, I become even more impatient and fidgety than I already am…it’s horrible.

I’m hoping that once I am able to complete my story, using the area I grew up in as the major location, it still be easier to write another one.

I’m not James Patterson or Nora Roberts. I can’t just sneeze out a new, GOOD story every two weeks! It’s a process. It takes time! For me, it’s taking longer than I want but because of this struggle, I hope everything turns out absolutely incredible.

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