Kerry & Harry (Potter)


I read somewhere once that J.K. Rowling said the Harry Potter series is about Harry dealing with loss.

Maybe that’s why I connect with the story so much? That plus an awesomely strong female,  Hermione, kicking some major booty!

The entire story of Harry Potter from begging to end covers a LOT of which I can relate to. Love, heartbreak, loss, loyalty, betrayal, bravery coming in MANY forms, confronting fears, friendship, surprise…

I connect with absolutely all of it.

Love. Well, love is a tricky thing.

Here’s a short tail. It was fall. I was eighteen years old, working full time, & in my freshman year of college (also a full time student). I walked into the hair salon (my second job) to say hey to my mother (she worked there as well) on my way from my other job to school. Little did I know, that day would set everything into motion.

A lady there was talking to my mother about her job & my mother was talking about how I wanted a different job with better hours & low & behold, the lady was looking for someone. I sometimes wish I never walked through that door that day. We talked & I was going to stop by her office the next day after my first job to check it out & see if it was something I’d be interested in. She said, “Once my nephew meets you, he’ll never want to leave!” I should’ve went running.

I walked into get place of business & meet eyes with “him.” That was the day I met the person who would change my life in ways I didn’t know were possible.
I’d had boyfriends before & naturally, I knew absolutely everything there was to know about love. Nope. Wrong. Guess again. I didn’t have a clue until Jeff. He was for years older, unnaturally GORGEOUS, smart, funny, & a charmer on a level that should be considered illegal.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but when I met him, I realized there is “something at first sight…” more than lust & less than love.

Over the next year & a half Jeff crashed in & drowned my life like a tsunami. Lying & cheating is enough in it’s own but add EVERY FORM of violence in there stacked with working together & HIS family…it was a collage of messy that no one should ever experience-EVER.

Along with experiencing TRUE love for the first time, I also experienced TRUE heartbreak for the first time.

We’ll keep that short for now.

Loss. I’ve lost so many loved ones…I don’t know what to do with myself. Losing your family, friends, & someone you cared for very deeply on a level higher than friendship…pieces of your heart break off, turn to ash, & now away.

Loyalty. I know loyalty mostly from a one-sided perspective. I’ve been a very loyal friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife…& I’ve been betrayed by so many. I’ve stuck up & fought battles for others. I’ve been betrayed & left with nothing.

Confronting fears & bravery. The day I walked away from Jeff for good is a two-fer. It’s a two-for-one deal. I confronted leaving a job I LOVED & a person I LOVED because I knew if I stayed…one of us would most likely end up in jail or dead. I also relayed myself an hour & a half south of the only place I’d ever lived & called “home.” It never really felt like home, but it was all I knew. I knew in my heart if I didn’t separate myself from him emotionally, mentally, AND physically, the vicious cycle would only continue. Because it continued even after I walked out of that office.

Friendship. Ugh…another tricky thing. Friends can love you. They can be loyal. The can betray you. They can hurt you. Until recently, I don’t have a single person on a list of those who’ve never stabbed me in the back in one way or another. For the FIRST TIME in my life, I have a select few I know would crush the world for & Is do the same for them. No questions asked.

Surprise. My life had been FULL of surprises. Every corner I turn, I get smacked in the face worth another surprise. Also a topic for a longer post.

Following a story that touches a little on all of this…it is pretty easy to see why it hits my heart so much. Not to mention J.K. Rowling is a genius!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Let me know! Heaven knows I need some fellow lovers to chat with!

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