American Sign Language


I REALLY want to learn American Sign Language. I wanted to do it in college but couldn’t. I don’t remember the reason the why, but I was bummed. I remember working at the movie theater in high school & a lady came in whom was hearing impaired, so she handed me a note with what she needed. At the end of our transaction I wrote on the note, “Enjoy!” She looked up at me & smiled as I signed “Thank you.” She smiled even bigger. I’ll NEVER forget that day. That’s the day I realized I wanted to learn. I’ve done some independent studying & know some signs (the alphabet & some other general things), but I want to take a class. 💖🌟

#FightForIt #SilverLining #Learn #ASL #AmericanSignLanguage #Sign #Language #American #Important #Teach #Deaf #Hearing #Impaired #Speak


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