31 Randoms About Kerry


Sometimes I like to post random facts about myself. I choose how many by what number the date is. Right now, it’s January 31st.

1. I spray perfume in the order one makes a cross (such as the Catholic ritual-the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit). I don’t remember when it started.
2. I have to have water at my beside.
3. I CANNOT sleep if it’s hot.
4. I like Bohemian fashion way more than I knew.
5. “Friends” never gets old.
6. I have enough socks for a small country.
7. I have a box that keeps letters I write to Doug.
8. I already know what I’m doing for Doug for our ten year anniversary (2018).
9. Doug’s mom set us up. 💖
10. I have Podophobia. It’s more common than I thought.
11. I also have Basiphobia, which is insanely common.
12. My favorite ear buds are sock monkeys.
13. I accidently stepped on & killed a Luna moth we kind of adopted back in Fredericksburg, VA (born & raised) I CRIED.
14. I’m driving the same car I bought when I was 18. It was already a year old when I got. I love it & named it, “Aloysius.”
15. My very first date EVER was a double date with my sister. It’s the only way my daddy would let me go.
16. I have a super sensitive sniffer. I smell everything. It’s both a blessing & a curse.
17. I’ve never seen the movie, “Annie.”
18. I have way too many clothes, movies, & books.
19. I like my handwriting.
20. Though I look exactly like my mom, I like to think I’m more like my dad.
21. My sister taught me how to drive.
22. I’ve stuck up for my older brother a LOT. We’re so backwards.
23. I was born in the wrong era.
24. My favorite stuffed animal is a golden retriever puppet named, “Shadow” after the dog in the movie “Homeward Bound.” I’ve had him since I turned six. Cordy chewed his nose off.
25. I want a chinchilla.
26. I really want a tire swing, always have.
27. I love most things lemon flavored.
28. I’m ambidextrous.
29. I like to wear my husband’s t-shirts & socks. 😇
30. I WILL BE a published author.
31. I was never a jewelery person until Doug. He picks out the most personal & beautiful pieces. He just…gets me.

What are some facts about you?

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