Pip is Our Critter!


Oh. My. Goodness. I absolutely adore this little critter! Pip was my brother’s dog, but due to circumstances beyond his control, he wasn’t able to care for Pip like he needs.
It’s actually sad how everything went down. My grandmother was taking her anger out on my brother & Pip (they lived with her while my brother helped care for my Papa as he was dying) after my Papa passed away. They live in PA & I am in VA. I wasn’t AT ALL okay with it.
My mother (whom I am not close to in the slightest) actually agreed to meet my brother halfway, get Pip, & bring him to me. I was surprised because she’s not selfless at all.
Me keeping Pip was suppose to be a temporary thing until my brother was able to move out.
When we took over caring for Pip, he began to thrive! He used to be completely shy, had separation anxiety like I’ve never known, & was so scared. I watched him grow comfortable & with having two other dogs, the separation anxiety basically evaporate. He became outgoing & excited, friendly & so lively! He’s NEVER in a crate here.
The thought of him going back to PA, even with my brother on his own, I knew Pip would slide backwards & be in a crate all day.
Thank the Lord, my brother realized it too & asked if we would keep him permanently. Of course, I was glad to take him.
Now, he rules the place…lol
All of this has been a blessing in disguise. My brother can get back on his feet without worrying about caring for Pip. Pip is here with us & doing amazingly well! Blessings everywhere. ❤🐾


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