A calling. A purpose.


Since becoming sick, being fired for being sick, being unable to work, etc.,…I’ve found that helping others deal with similar things I’ve been dealing with or have dealt with, has been incredibly helpful. Helpful not only for them, but for me as well.
I keep absolutely everything 100% confidential & talk with others about what they’re going through. If I can lend helpful information, I do. If I can be there for support, I am. If I just need to be someone to listen, I’m that person.
Last night as I was decorating the tree, Doug (my husband) & I were talking about all kinds of things. He told me he thinks my calling might be to help other people…the way I have been already.
Do I have a job title? No. Do I get a paycheck? No. Am I helping others? I pray I am. Am I being helped at the same time? Yes. I wanted to reach out to help others to hopefully help & make a difference. I had NO IDEA it would help me at the same time.
God works in MYSTERIOUS ways & I’m blessed to feel I’ve found SOME kind of purpose in life again. I’ve been LOST for a while now. Having the man I love more than life see something in me & say it out loud hit my heart like a wrecking ball & means EVERYTHING.

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