Time Without You


Missing someone you would give anything for just to see & talk to one more time, has got to be one of the hardest things we face in this lifetime.
Knowing we’ll see them again brings some comfort, but that time (as we know it & have planned it) is so far away. It’s really difficult to imagine that day arriving. It’s hard thinking of all the time that will pass by without them here. Knowing that there is so much of this physical life that they won’t be a part of is incredibly haunting.
I’m grateful for the memories. I’m grateful for my dreams they sneak up in. Those are the sleeps that you give all your might in hopes to hold onto for just a minute longer. It’s as if they come back just for a moment to let you know they’re thriving & watching over you. The problem, for me anyway, is I don’t want them to leave. I don’t want to let go.
I’ve known A LOT of loss (many others have as well) & I’m honestly terrified thinking of how much loss is still in the future. To have lost so many that have meant so much to me already…how much more can my heart take?
Things can come at me all day long…I’ve got this. I can take it. Loved ones being ripped away from me is a different story though.
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