Why I Do What I Do


I’ve been asked multiple times why I am so open about certain aspects of my life (physical illnesses, mental illnesses, domestic violence, family, etc.) & the answer is simple. My inbox. Sometimes it’s empty & sometimes it is overwhelming (in a positive way).
I’m sure some are thinking, “Why in the world is she on Facebook all the time?” I’m on here because it’s an outlet. It’s a way to reach out to many in one swoop. I cannot tell you how much I wish I had people to talk to when I experienced certain things & I didn’t have anyone. I literally I had nowhere to turn to for advice, support, or even just a good laugh during a dark time.
I have made it a point to be that person for others. So, while it may seem like fun & giggles or that I’m “seeking attention”, I assure you, there is a reason behind the madness. I’m not seeking attention. I don’t need to & if I felt like I needed it, I would ask! “Pay attention to me someone!” Again, not shy…at all.
Obviously, the topics I touch on are personal & most are not as open as I am. A lot of my “social networking” is done behind the scenes & I am SO HAPPY that others feel they can reach out to me & HAVE reached out. I keep absolutely EVERYTHING confidential & have been blessed with the ability to help others.
If you are someone who needs a shoulder, a friend, advice, possible answers regarding things I’ve dealt with, please feel free to reach out. I promise, I will reach back.


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