Not So Easy


Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a CT scan. It’s just a CT scan, easy peasy, right? Well…not for me. It’s at a place I’ve never been before & is over thirty minutes away. I’m not good with directions, I never have been. Living in Fredericksburg was easy-I grew up there. I knew where everything was just from living there.
I have to drive myself & I don’t like driving. Other people are crazy drivers. I drive like a 96 year old grandma & am always kind to other drivers.
Anyways, my anxiety is HORRIBLE when I have to go places alone. My stomach-what if I need an exit but can’t get there? What if I get lost? My anxiety kills my stomach. Being lost makes the anxiety worse & that kills the stomach even more…
My appointment isn’t until 2:00pm, so I won’t be eating ANYTHING until I get home, but I have to take my morning medicine regardless, which means more than likely, I will be SUPER sick to my stomach.
I never sleep well or enough & have been super stressed for a LOT of reasons & am completely EXHAUSTED, so I’m hypersensitive right now & I REALLY want to rip my hair out while screaming at the top of my lungs!
This is just a glimpse into the world of Kerry right now. It sucks.


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