Happy 8th Anniversary!



I feel so incredibly loved & blessed! I’m so thankful for everyone in our lives who love us & support us.

Eight years! Have they been perfect, peachy, & easy? Heck no! We have experienced a lot of things in eight years that mos couples will probably never experience throughout their entire marriage…& that’s okay, because we’re strong.

We are a team, best friends, & handle things together. We try not to let the little things interfere with our plans for creating an awesome future.

I’ve been pretty open about SOME of the medical issues I battle on a daily basis, so those who truly know me/us, know that there is nothing easy about what WE deal with.

Doug has been by my side through everything & it is just one of the unlimited reasons why I love him so much. He is WITH me through all of it, even the multiple issues that still remain private. “In sickness & in health,” was something we’ve been practicing & taking seriously since BEFORE we got married & it’s ANOTHER amazing quality about him & reason why he means the world to me.

He loves me for who I am. He understands. He doesn’t blame me, resent me, or make me feel ashamed about things that are out of my control. He married me KNOWING what was in store. Now, that list has expanded (a LOT) & every time something is added to the list, he says, “We’ve got this. We’ll get through it.”

When Doug decided it was time for a change of employment for him, I never questioned or second guessed him. I supported/support him in decisions & choices he thinks are best for him & for us. I trust him & back him in all things. If he decides he wants to venture into something new as a hobby or take on side jobs, I’ve got his back.

When it was determined that working was no longer a realistic option for me, Doug didn’t just step up to the plate, he went above & beyond. He works, a LOT, & is always reassuring me that I have nothing to worry about. He says my job is to take care of myself & listen to my body. Sure, having him work so much sucks because we don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like, but he enjoys what he does & the sacrifices being made now are for the benefits of our future. Plus, I NEVER thought being a housewife was something I would like, but I love taking care of Doug in any way that I can. He does so much for me, taking care of him is something I truly love to do.

So much has changed these past eight years. He has changed, I have changed, we have changed as a couple, but the key is that we did it all TOGETHER. We adjusted, encouraged, trusted, supported…we did it. ♡

I’m looking forward to the next 50 plus years. He is amazing. I love him with everything I am. 💖

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