Marriage & Chronic Illnesses


I get a lot of questions about marriage & chronic illnesses. I also get A LOT of, “Your husband is such an amazing guy for sticking it out with you,” which bugs the JUNK out of me! It bugs the junk out of him too. Yes…he is amazing & so am I, because when we exchanged our marriage vows, we meant them-they aren’t just words! “IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH.” Anytime he has been sick or needed to be rushed to the ER, I’ve stepped up to the plate & hit a home run just like he has.

We’ve also made the best of everything. Attitude is 100% key to success in anything you strive for in life-that includes love & marriage. Everything we’ve been through has made us stronger because we chose to NOT let it tear us down. When situations present themselves, you MUST grow. I think alot of the time people forget that not only do you have to grow individually, but YOU HAVE TO GROW TOGETHER!

Marriage doesn’t have to be crazy complicated & super hard. Even when you’re faced with trials & tribulations, you can always make it out on the brightside. 💖💖💖


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