Dealing With Negative People


I Googled “Dealing with negative people,” & this was the first thing that came up. Pretty great advice!

Use these seven strategies to better deal with negative people in your life.

1. Set boundaries. Don’t feel pressured to sit & listen to a negative person.

2. Avoid complainers.

3. Weed out negative employees.

4. Choose your battles.

5. Don’t over analyze the situation.

6. Develop a support system.

7. Embody positivity.

For number three, I would split that to acquaintances, friends, & even some family.


Ridding my life of as much negativity as I can is a major priority for me. It’s something I should’ve starting focusing on a long time ago, but better late than never.


My health issues are a aggravated ten times over when negativity is surrounding me. I’ve learned to become incredibly upfront with people & let them know when it’s time for us to separate. I’m not a fan of confrontation, but I have to make sure I’m as healthy as I can be & that means, no negativity. I refuse to have our in my life anymore.


I’ve read some pretty awesome books about dealing with chronic illnesses, dealing with people who don’t understand, making a healthier environment for myself, & making sure I know that being sick, is NOT my fault.


Things for me (health wise) only seem to get harder as time goes by, so I have to learn to constantly change & adapt to everything as it comes at me. I’m starting with releasing the negative.



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