Green Tea Please


I had a wonderful cup of green tea with lemon earlier this evening.


It’s kind of strange…people I’ve known all my life didn’t realize I’m a tea drinker. I love a hot cup of tea or even iced tea. I think it’s because I’m not your average southern gal who drinks sweet tea, that they don’t think of me as a tea person & I love tea!


#GreenTea is so beneficial for your #Health it’s amazing! #Antioxidants are obviously a major benefactor, but it does so much more on top of that. The #Boost it gives your #Metabolism is wonderful & it truly does increase the rate in which you #BurnFat at.


It improves #Brain #Function which helps put off #Alzheimers & can reduce #Glucose #Levels down in #Fasting blood work. Let’s not forget the ability it had to help lower the #Rate of #Risk for #Cancer


Adding just one cup of green tea to your daily life WILL do wonders for your body both inside & out. It’s AT LEAST worth a try, don’t ya think?

#FightForIt #Tea #Healthy #Lifestyle #Life #Nutrition #Lemon


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