Animal Safety


I ordered Panera online & then went to go pick it up. Pip wanted to come with me, so he hopped right in the car & off we went!

When I parked the car, I cracked a window & locked the doors. I was only gone for about three minutes, but came outside to see two teenage girls at my car adoring Pip’s cuteness.

They were waiting for me. Apparently they’re huge animal lovers & were absolutely impressed that not only had I cracked a window & locked the doors, but I left the car running with the radio & A/C on. They thanked me & asked to hug me! Sure! I’m a hugger!

We talked for a few minutes & I showed them my trick. The key was in the ignition, but the key fob was in my hands. So, I could lock the doors but be able to get back in. They were ELATED! They hadn’t thought of that & are super excited to be able to take their dogs with them on small little to-the-store-trips because they now have a safe way of doing so!


Don’t block yourself off from talking to people. You’re capable of making someone’s day & a difference strictly by being yourself & doing YOUR THING!


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