This is so true. When I was 20, I thought of dating goodbye to this world & taking my own life so I  wouldn’t be in so much pain anymore.

There is SO MUCH MORE to my story, that I’ll never share with others, because it doesn’t need to be shared. I’ve come to terms with A LOT & am at the point that I’ll never forget, but I don’t think about these things daily anymore.

Life changing situations, circumstances, people, actions, conversations, fights…they’ve all made me who I am today & I’m pretty darn happy with who I am.

I still go through an amazing amount of cruddy stuff daily, but I’m able to view things & handle them differently than before & in an appropriate manner.

If I’d given up when I wanted to originally, I’d never know my husband. That ALONE would be tragic! I wouldn’t have the amazing additional family that I have now (in-laws). I wouldn’t have experienced that unconditional love of my fur babes. I wouldn’t have experienced a bunch of things I have!

So don’t give up-ever. Don’t give in to the horrible feelings & thoughts. Live your life. Find the silver linings & push for them! You were made for so much more!


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