12 Tips to Shed Some Weight


12 Tips to #Shed Some #Weight

#Vegetables with every meal. Limit thar yucky #Processed #Food BIG TIME! #Eat slowly & drink lots of #Water (helps to #Hydrate #Digest properly). Eating #Breakfast is something we were taught at a young age, yet it’s surprising how many don’t do it! #Yoga is one of the most beneficial things you could do for your body. The #Stretching is amazing for #Building muscles & to increase your #Muscles #Strength . Make sure your meals include the proper amounts of #Protein & if you #Measure yourself frequently, you’ll notice your body changing WITHOUT obsessing over that pesky #Scale number! Simply going for a #Walk on a regular basis will help you’re journey TREMENDOUSLY! #Fruit people! It’s so good for you! And last bit certainly NOT the last, ditch the #Soda drinking. This is probably my biggest fault & it’s simply because of the taste. #GingerAle is something that will never leave my life because it truly helps with #Nausea & unfortunately, that’s a persistent issue for me. 😕

But do you see how small changes can lead to great results over time!

You don’t have to jump right into these 12 all at once. That’s A LOT of changes & baby steps tend to bring better, longer lasting habits.


#FightForIt #WeightLoss #Wellness

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