Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day! 

My mom & I may not have always had the best relationship, but she’s still my mom. I love her dearly & I wouldn’t be here workout her-duh! She’s seen me through some of the hardest times & she’s been with me during some of the best times.

Even when she drives me bonkers or I drive her, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

Five things regarding my mom that I’ll never forget:

1. I’ll never forget when she told me that I was the most talented person she knows. She was talking about acting, singing, dancing, drawing, writing…my mom doesn’t compliment much, so when she does, it means the world!

2. Mom was right. She right about way more than she got credit for. Guys, friends, life in general….

3. When she talks about how proud she is odd me for doing so much on my own. I paid for all of my college myself. I paid for all of my car myself. I never went to my parents for anything. I did it on my own & In the youngest of three.

4. She ALWAYS told me I am beautiful. She made jokes when I was younger about being the “Young & the Breastless,” but aside from silly jokes, she always made me feel beautiful.

5. I inherited her craftiness & I love it!

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