Secret to Positivity


“Kerry, what’s your secret to being so positive all the time? You’ve got so much to deal with. If it were me, I’d be f***ing pissed off!”

I got this message & it made my day! Why? Because even when I feel I’m at my weakest & like I’m falling apart, others still seem to see me as positive & strong. I haven’t always been this way, so when I read this this message & cried. I’m a little teary-eyed right now writing this.

I always wonder why people see me the way they do. The way I see myself is so far off from what others tell me. Are they completely confused? Or am I way off in the way I perceive myself? Am I too hard on myself?

There is only ONE way I remain sane. God. Yes, I’ve said this more than once & I will continue saying it until I leave this earth. God is how I make it through. My faith & trust is with Him & whatever comes my way, is because of His will.

I battle SEVERE anxiety, but I don’t battle worry. I have no need to worry. So instead of focusing on the cruddy stuff that is going on & all of the chaos I fight on a daily basis, I try my hardest to find the silver linings. Again, another thing I say A LOT. It’s the truth. It’s a daily practice that I’ve put into place & it has changed my life.

So to answer the original question of what my secret is…I don’t have one. I have God & He isn’t a secret. 💜


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