I don’t know what other married,  childless women are up to on Friday night, but I’m just over here chillin’ & waiting for my timer to go off.

I HATED working with/for my mom staying at the age of 13 as a shampoo girl, but I can honestly day I am so grateful I did. I worked in hair salons for a little over six years (been around hair salons FOREVER) & learned so much! I’ve been doing my own hair for years…color, highlights, cutting-the whole shebang.

I could NEVER see myself going into a salon & paying what they charge for something I can do myself. So,  thanks for annoying me mom! In grateful!


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#FightForIt #Cosmo #Beauty #Hair #Cut #Stylist #Color #Highlights #Salon #DIY #SaveMoney #Talented #MyOwn #Smart #Thankful #Dye #HairDye #Healthy #POTD


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