I was incredibly productive yesterday even though I clearly don’t have allergy issues right now. I think I have either a cold or a sinus infection & it sucks!

I called my doctors (yeah, plural with an “s”) & made my appointments  (yeah, plural with an “s”). Looking at the month of May in my planner is giving me crazy anxiety already.

My body is bipolar. Autoimmune & additional  chronic illnesses make things so uncertain for me. “Plans” & set times really get to me because what of I can’t make it? Canceling, rescheduling, & feeling as though you’re letting people down sucks. Super major suckage. Hurting others, hurts me, just like helping others helps me.

I’m praying for relief, ease, & peace of mind. These appointments are VITAL & overdue. I need to go, as much as I hate doctors (even though I see them all the time), it never gets easier…ever.

If you have a few moments & done extra prayer time, I sure could use some help.  💙💜💚


#FightForIt #Chronic #Illness #May #No #Autoimmune #Anxiety #OCD #Busy #FreakingOut #Plans #Help #Sick #Sucks #Doctor #Appointmemt #NoMoney #Sickling


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