Shakeology Saves!


I both look & feel horrendous, I know. πŸ˜• It’s okay though, I’m smiling inside & out.

I cannot stress it enough-Shakeology has literally been a lifesaver. Before I stated drinking it daily, I was constantly ending up in the ER for dehydration which also means I was lacking in vitamins, minerals, etc..

Because I drink #Shakeology #Daily now, I am fueling my #Body with #Vitamins & #Minerals plus #Probiotics #Prebiotics #Antioxidants #AminoAcids #DigestiveEnzymes

On top of all that, it’s a jam-packed #Healthy #Superfood magic potion! I stick with the #Vegan Tropical Strawberry πŸŒ΄πŸ“ & I know I can’t go wrong! Naturally, it’s cool for the #Vegetarian #Lifestyle as well.

I didn’t know what my body wad missing out on until I started feeding it what it needed. Now that I know the difference, I can’t imagine ever changing back to old ways. It has been so incredibly easy to incorporate into my daily life as well. It literally takes two minutes to make & I’m both mentally & physically prepped for the day. Mentally, I know I just did my body one of the biggest favors I could have & physically, my body is screaming, “Thank you!”

An average of $4 a day to keep me out of the ER, to feed my body the daily intake of vitamins, minerals, etc. it needs to perform at it’s best, & it counts as a small meal. It fills me up, curbs any cravings I used to have, & is a 100% #AllNatural meal.

ONLY $4 A DAY! You spend more than that on #Coffee at #Starbucks (the #CafeLatte flavor we have is AMAZING)!

Why haven’t you at least tried it yet? I’m waiting on you! πŸ˜™


#FightForIt #ChangeYourLife #Goals #Amazing #Food #Delicious #POTD


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