The Headache That Never Ends


Tuesday was the 22nd of March.

I went to see a psych doctor & for those who know me, know I STRONGLY detest going to talk to strangers about my life & my problems. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, & after creating crying for almost the entire hour I spent there, I am now battling a headache that I’ve had since I left the doctor’s office!

Because of my many, many ailments & battles work my health, certain medications just are not an iron for me unless they are a last resort. One of those medications is Excedrin, which absolutely sucks, because nine out of ten times, it does the trick! But no…I am stuck with Tylenol, which does absolutely NOTHING!

I’ve been able to keep it away from migraine status, but I’m miserable. I don’t like complaining, but…wah! 😭

I’ll be alright. I’ve been through worse. This just solidifies my feelings of disliking therapy.

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