Old Dominion University


Last night was a little bittersweet. I was looking through some old papers and came across my acceptance to ODU.

My plans were locked down, I knew exactly what I was going for, classes were picked…we were still figuring out funding, but other than that, I was set!

Then I ending up quitting my job. I disliked my job SO MUCH, I was having TERRIBLE thoughts. Yes, it’s sad, but it’s also very true. I was miserable. So, there went that idea.

I’d always hoped that one day I would return and earn my bachelor’s degree. Even if that meant I went to a different school. Now, I can’t really see the purpose of returning other than for the fact that I am a huge nerd and loved college! I have my associate’s degree. But now, it doesn’t seem to really matter of you go to college or not and it doesn’t seem to really matter what you even go to school for. Most people I know who have a degree aren’t rooting in the field their degree is meant for.

Who knows what the future holds? It was a reminder of how smart I truly am though. ESPECIALLY after an abusive relationship where I was told I “was nothing without them!”

Actually, I am WAY MORE without them. ‪#‎DirectPunchToTheExsFace‬ ‪#‎KnowYourWorth‬IMG_20150915_063638


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