PiYo Challenge Pack – Beachbody’s Awesome September Steal!


I’m so excited that PiYo is Beachbody’s promo this month! This was the VERY FIRST program I used and I had MAJOR success with it! Not only did I transform physically, but I also transformed mentally and emotionally. It was proof that none of this is a gimmick, SHAKEOLOGY IS AMAZING and WORKS WONDERS, and the programs that we use are LEGIT! I loved the mix of yoga, pilates, and I didn’t dread the cardio because everything about this program is smooth. Smooth transitions from poses to movements and I noticed quickly that I was getting results.
This deal is amazing and if you’re interested in starting your journey, let me know and we’ll chat about it! It’s never too late! P.S. I have decided to add to of my personal favorite items to the deal-COMPLETELY FREE from yours truly! The Fixate cookbook from our amazing Autumn Calabrese and the Shakeology shaker cup!

So, to break it all down, this is what’s going on:

  • Buy your Shakeology HD (home direct delivery-which saves you major bucks in shipping!)
  • Get your entire PiYo workout program for only $10
  • Get the Shakeology shaker cup FREE as a gift from me AND Autumn’s Fixate cookbook FREE, also as a gift from me!

What are you waiting for?! Let’s talk ASAP because these extra goodies from yours truly are available to five people! Snag it while you can!



P11954813_10152965591431755_7076460654312813156_nPiYo Promo

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